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Curriculum Guide 2014


There are some differences in the enrolment process depending on the student’s situation and circumstances.

If the student is not currently enrolled at a school please check the Enrolment Criteria before contacting the college to confirm eligibility to enrol and to book an enrolment interview.
Students not enrolled at another school are enrolled as College based students.
It is expected that students will attend their enrolment interview in person. When there are extenuating circumstances an alternative may be negotiated.

If the student is currently enrolled at a school, please ask the school to contact Client Services.
Students enrolled by their school are classified as School-based Curriculum Choice or as School-based Negotiated (Medical or Exclusion/Alternative placement).

  • For Curriculum Choice enrolments schools must counsel the students then complete and submit the Curriculum Choice Enrolment Form (Right click and save the form to your computer).
  • For Negotiated enrolments – Medical, schools need to contact Client Services to negotiate with the relevant counsellor.
  • For Negotiated enrolments - Exclusion/Alternative Placement, the enrolment is managed through an Interagency Referral.