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Early and Primary Years

When an enrolment has been processed, the class or team teacher will contact parents and students to say hello, discuss the learning program and materials, organise lesson times and discuss any support programs the student may be entitled to.

Learning program

A student’s learning program is organised by their teacher(s). Students may be posted or collect a number of hard-copy materials, however the bulk of their learning program will be online.

Students will be asked to participate in some diagnostic testing soon after enrolment to ascertain their levels of literacy and numeracy. This allows teachers to program according to student’s needs. Regular testing will then continue in order to monitor student progress and plan appropriate learning.

Unless otherwise negotiated, a student’s learning program will be a full week, Monday to Friday 9.00am – 3.30pm. When students are not participating in online lessons with their teacher, they will be completing tasks from their learning program.

All students R-6 will study a language, Japanese.


Lessons will be delivered online, generally using a program called Centra. Students are required to participate in all scheduled lessons and any additional tutorials/activities. The teacher will provide the information that students will need to access both Centra and Moodle (an online learning management system). Students completing a language will have one weekly lesson with their language teacher, plus follow-up learning tasks.


To support a successful learning program, students will need to be supervised through their daily tasks by a designated adult. If there are any questions, students/supervisors are encouraged to phone or email the class or team teacher(s) for support.

Work returns

Students are required to return completed work regularly. This may consist of a combination of mail, email and Moodle uploads; as negotiated by the teacher. Teachers use these regular work returns to provide helpful feedback on a student’s learning progress and to assess and report on student progress.

Day Map

Feedback on student’s learning can also be accessed via DayMap. In addition to feedback and reporting, Daymap includes information about student attendance.

Face-to-face activities

Students are expected to interact with other students during lessons and are encouraged to take part in face-to-face activities offered by each campus. These activities may include teacher/itinerant teacher home visits, school experience weeks, camps, host school days, ‘Come In Day’, excursions and visits to the College.