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Languages Visit to Allendale East

Thank you to Allendale East Area School, for sharing this article from their newsletter - Term 1 Week 10, 2015.

Chinese Teacher Visit (From Allendale East Area School Newsletter)

Lynn Davis and Muy Jhou Moo from Open Access College Adelaide visited their classes on Friday to teach face to face lessons. They had a great time seeing our students in ‘real life’ rather than through the whiteboard screen and the students really engaged well in the Chinese lessons on the day.

They had fun singing songs with actions and learning more about ‘Fruit’ and ‘Colours’ which are the topics this term. Next term they will visit in Week 9 with volunteers from the Confucius Institute who will do Chinese painting with classes.

We are excited to hear that a Sister School called Enshi College has been allocated to us and we hope to make initial contact through class emails with them. Enshi is in Hubei Province approximately 1000km NW of Hong Kong. We will be very interested to find out about their school, food and community as we get to know them.