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Clare Primary School Visit

Special Face-to-Face School Visit to Clare Primary School in Term 3

Some classes at Clare Primary school learn Japanese through Open Access College as part of the Language Partnership Program. This term’s Face-to-Face School Visit to Clare Primary School was quite different from usual school visits; a Japanese delegation was visiting the school on the day as well! Clare and Yoshinaga city in Japan have a sister city relationship and the delegation visited Clare to celebrate its 25th anniversary of their friendship.

The delegation’s day started with an opening ceremony of a Torii (Shinto gate) at a wetland in Clare, which four representative students from Clare Primary School attended.

At lunch time, the delegation and the students of Clare Primary School enjoyed sandwiches.

After lunch, a whole school assembly was held in the hall to welcome the Japanese delegation. Clare Primary School choir performed their beautiful singing and 16 Japanese high school students in the delegation performed a Japanese traditional fisherman’s dance and song on the stage.

After the assembly, the delegation and the Clare PS students enjoyed three different activities: cooking, games and arts. It was great to see the Japanese students and Clare PS students enjoyed chatting in both English and Japanese. ☺  The Japanese students showed big smiles when they received letters from junior primary students.

Another great scene we encountered on the day was Clare primary school students enjoying playing with Japanese educational games on iPads at recess and lunch break. They showed us how well they could do the games. It was such a rewarding moment for the teachers to see how much they enjoy learning and how much they are achieving. It was such a lovely school visit.

We would like to thank all the Clare Primary School teachers and staff members who prepared for the day and we wish the friendship between Clare and Yoshinaga will keep growing. 

Emiko Kobashi