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e-Mentoring: a supportive experience

Thank you to Ryan, a former e-Mentoring participant, for sharing his experience.

Hi, my name is Ryan, and during years 9 and 10 of my schooling I enrolled in what was then a new initiative: e-Mentoring. The organisers of this program collected some information about me, and my fellow students who were also involved: what our interests and career plans were, hobbies, and other similar things. This was then used to pair us with a student at University.

I was paired with Karla, a student of law and behavioral sciences at Flinders (where I am now studying!). We spoke once a week via a secure Internet chat-room, for about 1 hour each session. This was a great experience, which really inspired me to work even harder to achieve what I wanted: perhaps not surprisingly, also to study law!

Although I already planned to study law at university, Karla really helped me by introducing me to other aspects of the decision I would have to make: which uni, which exact course, which type of law etc. I also planned on completing a combined degree, but was not yet sure which degree to choose for my second course.

Although I only really decided on this in the past year, Karla also very much helped me to narrow down what it was I wanted to, and should, be studying. Essentially by the time my e-Mentoring with Karla ended, I knew I would either study law and psychology, or law and business...I have now begun a law and business management combined degree!

Before getting to know Karla, I had already hoped to go to uni…but my time with her definitely inspired me to work harder at school! This is because although I knew it would be difficult to get into law school, I did not quite realise the extent of the difficulty!

I would most certainly recommend e-Mentoring to any student who is offered the opportunity to participate (and I may even be one of the mentors one day!), as it is a truly wonderful and enlightening experience. It is a great way to learn more about yourself, your mentor, and the world you will experience once you get past school!

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to personally meet my mentor; but many of you will, with an excursion to the university a popular way to end the e-Mentoring year!