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Children’s University Graduation Ceremony

Open Access College joined the Children’s University Scheme this year.

The Children’s University provides educational learning opportunities to students 7-14 years out in the community to broaden their experiences.

Students attend sessions of their choice (all of which have been validated by the Children’s University) in order to gain Hours for their passports. As their hours build up they graduate with different certificates from the University

We had 12 students form OAC enroll at the end of term 1. On November 8th Heather Tonkin proudly presented 2 students with their National Silver Certificates for accumulating 65 hours of learning outside school hours. Both Harley and Bree surpassed the minimum requirement of 30 hours so automatically collected their Bronze Certificate as well.

The Graduation Ceremony was held at Bonython Hall, North Terrace, Adelaide on the Adelaide University grounds. The event was large, formal and ended with a BBQ celebration and disco.

Below are reports from Harley Kelly and Bree Thurtell-Morton, congratulations to them both.

Heather Tonkin
Children’s University Coordinator Open Access College.


My Journey With CUA...

...Was not always easy.

I was out of the house almost everyday of the school holidays, and we were out for about 10 hours a day sometimes! But it was worth it.

My favourite part was making flowers at the studio in the art gallery. It was so fun and I got to keep my flowers at the end of it!

The best part of it was that my Mum, Gren and Aunt got to make flowers too! I went to the botanic gardens, where I learnt that there's lillipads that can hold a small child! And that there's an unsolved murder at Unley (The museum).

I got to attend a song-writing workshop with Cal Williams Jr., which was amazing. But if you don't want to go out everyday, there's online activities, too!

The only thing better then the activities was the graduation. I loved the entire experience, and, though it was stressful at times, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks so much to CUA and Heather for making this happen!

Bree Thurtell-Morton

My Children's University Experience

Harley Kelly

I can honestly say I feel like Indiana Jones as I look back at all the wonderful, really cool locations and activities that have filled my Children’s University passport.

There have been many fun places I have visited and i have tried lots of different, new things. One of my most favourite places was the Birdwood Motor Museum where I had fun finding all the hidden items on the many different “Look and find” lists.

The Science Alive Fair at the Adelaide showgrounds was awesome with over 100 hands on exhibits, all with a science twist! My favourite exhibit was the Formula One simulator where I got to sit in the simulator and race around the virtual track! Bree and I also got to sit in a solar car and talk to the people who made it.

The most surprising place I visited was the Old Adelaide Gaol. I thought it would be creepy and boring but I found it to be engaging and fun. We got to explore different parts of the gaol, it was filled with very interesting history.

The best part was the ‘mock trial’ which was a re-creation of a courtroom from earlier times. All the kids dressed up as the different characters, I played the criminal first, then the prosecutor in the second round. It was hilarious! We made up the crimes and the punishments with a little help from the activity co-ordinator, it was almost cartoon like! It was heaps of fun, not scary at all.

I am really looking forward to visiting lots more fun and exciting places next year. There are so many opportunities to learn while you are having fun at the same time.

Until the next time, be brave, stay wild and we will see you on the next adventure!     


Graduation Ceremony Report

Harley Kelly

This week we had our Children’s University Graduation Ceremony at Bonython hall in the city.

At first I was very nervous because we were part of a group of over 180 students from several different schools. The actual ceremony only lasted just over an hour so we didn’t have to worry about waiting too long. It was very exciting!

After having our photos taken we got to keep the tassel from our caps and then we joined our fellow students outside on the lawn area for a wonderful celebration, complete with music, popcorn and a sausage sizzle!

I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait to do it again next year! I would like to express my gratitude to Heather Tonkin and Sandy Stefanou for all their help and making this fantastic journey possible.

I hope to share this experience with more of my OAC friends next year!