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2016 Hiragana Competition

North East Hub Group’s 10th Anniversary Hiragana Competition

On Wednesday 2nd November 2016 Open Access College participated in the North East Hub Group’s 10th Anniversary Hiragana Competition at Greenwith Primary School. Year 5 students Jess and Shakirah and Year 6 students Ashahnti and Bentley formed our OAC team. Not only did they work very well together, they impressed everyone with how well they know the Hiragana Characters.

In between rounds we participated in rajio taisō (radio calisthenics) to get us moving and meeting the students from participating schools: Greenwith, One Tree Hill, Keithcot Farm, Para Hills West, Gawler, Craigmore South, Para Hills P-7 and Redwood Park.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hiragana Competition, we sung happy birthday in Japanese and had some delicious cake. We played a Japanese sports’ day game called Tamaire followed by a sushi morning tea.

We had a fun time not only showing off our Japanese learning but also working together and meeting new people. We would love you to have a go, here’s why: 

Ashahnti (Year 6):

This year I had the privilege of going to the north east hiragana competition. My name is Ashahnti and I learn Japanese through Open Access at home. When my sensei gave me the privilege it was very exciting. I had to practice my hiragana.

When I first got to the competition I was very nervous. Once we had started all my butterflies had flown away. This is how it worked. If your school was called up you went, i.e. Open Access, you went up to the front. Two at a time schools went head to head with their hiragana knowledge. There were 3 rounds in between the round were games. After the 3rd round were another game and a sushi morning tea. 

If anyone was asked to participate in a hiragana competition I would say to them: go for it it’s a great experience and a lot of fun and your get to meet other schools learning Japanese!

Shakirah (Year 5):

The hiragana competition was lots of fun. My favourite part was the morning tea. When our school was called up I was a nervous, but it was an exciting experience and it was lots of fun. I also enjoyed playing the games.

The Hiragana Competition was also on the front page of the Leader Messenger on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 with the article continued on page 7: Messenger Community News

- Christina Challinger
Year 5/6 Japanese Teacher