English Literary Studies

LevelStage 1
Learning AreaEnglish
SemesterSemester 2
Pre-requisiteSuccessful completion of Stage 1 English A or equivalent is recommended.
Additional CostsNone
SACE Credits10

Who is this course for?

Foe students who wish to study English Literary Studies at Stage 2. It is preferable that students who undertake this course have successfully completed Stage 1 English A or equivalent.

NOTE: Completion of this course with C grade or higher meets part of the compulsory literacy component of SACE.

What will I learn?

You will develop your communication and critical literacy skills by creating and responding to a range of texts, including:

  • Prose – novels, short stories and written media publications
  • Poetry
  • Visual texts – movies and texts written for performance.

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning through the following:

  • Responding to Texts
  • Creating Texts
  • Intertextual Study

For a 10-credit subject, students should provide evidence of their learning through four assessments, with at least one assessment from each assessment type. At least one assessment should be an oral or multimodal presentation, and at least one should be in written form.


Successful completion of Stage 1 English A or equivalent is recommended.

Last updated: 27 July 2021