Teachers Unfiltered - Vincent Paul

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Welcome to our next edition of Teachers Unfiltered. Today we are talking to Vincent Paul. Vincent is a teacher here at Open Access as well as a Student Wellbeing Leader. Watch the video below where OAC Psychologist Sasha Miles sits down with Vincent to ask some of the most popular questions from students.

Table of Contents

00:00 - Introduction
00:14 - How long have you been at Open Access and what do you teach?
00:45 - Why are you a teacher and what keeps you teaching?
01:09 - What keeps you working at Open Access specifically?
01:29 - What do you think when a student asks you a question via email? Do you get annoyed?
01:50 - What do you think when a student asks you the same question twice or takes a while to process things?
02:04 - What do you think when a student gets the answer wrong?
02:31 - How do you feel when a student tells you they are struggling with an assignment?
03:02 - Do you like it or prefer it when students unmute or use their camera?
03:47 - Does it annoy you when a student asks for an extension on a task?
04:14 - What do you think when a student misses a few classes?
04:57 - What do you do when you feel so anxious about what is in your email inbox that you find it hard to even look at your inbox?
06:25 - How do you approach building a working relationship with a student?
07:30 - What is your approach when students are unwilling to engage in class?
08:01 - What qualities do you like to see in your students?
08:52 - What piece of advice would you like to give to your students?
09:11 - What do you think is the most important ways of supporting your students?
10:01 - Is there anything else that you would like your students to know?

Last updated: 17 October 2022