Information about SOTA Speak

Families are invited to submit articles to be included in SOTA Speak. Please email your teacher if you would like to share something with the community - whether it be photos, school work or anything else.

Consent to publish material

Please make sure that if you are sending us photos you have returned the media consent form, and every person in the photo gives consent for it to be published.

Please note we cannot publish school work that contains copyrighted material - e.g. music or images found online or in books without appropriate credit. While it is ok that they are used in school work, we can't publish them online.

Printing SOTA Speak

On the SOTA Speak page you now have the option to "Print page as PDF". This button will open SOTA Speak in a browser window; you can then either print directly or save as a PDF. For best results, make sure your print settings do not scale the page, and your margins are set to "default".

Last updated: 06 May 2019