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Video Gallery

Languages Day Out

Open Access College held a Languages Day Out at our Marden campus in 2016. Many schools came along to learn about different cultures, play games and have a great time!
Published 5 February 2017

OAC 25 Years into the Future

Celebrating 25 years of Open Access College. What will OAC be like 25 years from now....??
Published 13 December 2016

Cheryl's Nullarbor Story-My Classroom is a Telephone Box

Cheryl tells the story of a student working from a telephone box at a Nullarbor road house. 
Published 1 December 2016


Ginny's Story-from Student to Teacher

Ginny was a School of the Air student in her primary years, and then went on to become a teacher for School of the Air. She talks about how SOTA is a close knit community within Open Access College.
Published 30 November 2016

Cheryl's Story- Meeting Andy Thomas the Astronaut

Cheryl tells us the amazing story of how OAC students got to talk to Andy Thomas on the Mir space station. 
Published 30 November 2016

Petey's Story-Our School Community

In this clip, Petey talks about the community at School of the Air & OAC and how lucky we are!
Published 9 November 2016


Ronda's Story-Student Success

Rhonda talks about a student reaching his full potential with OAC.
Published 26 October 2016

Cara's Story-My year 12 Story

Cara our one of our Learning Support Officer's  tells her story of when she studied year 12 at OAC. 
Published 26 October 2016

Benjamin's Story-Following My Passion

Benjamin tells us of his unique experience and how OAC helped him to follow his passion. 
Published 26 October 2016


Abigail's Story-I'm Stuck

In this video, Abigail talks about the time she found herself stuck in her studies.
Published 26 October 2016

Welcome to Open Access College

Students, Parents and Staff talk about our students from diverse backgrounds, wide range of study options and the flexible learning model at OAC. 
Published 26 October 2016

Webinar-Martin Westwall

As part of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary for Open Access College, Marting Westwell, Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century will guide us through a discussion about creativity.
Published 1 March 2016


Open Access College Celebrates 25 Years

Published 26 October 2016

One of the first SOTA Students from 1958

One of the first School Of The Air students from 1958 tells his story.
Published 1 March 2016

Prinicipal Julie Taylor on Home Visits

OAC Principal Julie Taylor talks about visiting students from SOTA and Marden. 
Published 4 May 2016


Subtraction!-Student Video

Published 17 July 2014