Leadership Team

Julie Taylor Principal

Jeane Schocroft
Deputy Principal

Casey Hall
Assistant Principal Primary Years

Paul Hennessy
Assistant Principal Senior Years

Fiona Hong
Assistant Principal Languages

Veronika Jeske
Assistant Principal Middle Years

Lai Kuan Lim
SOTA Head of Campus

Zena Wotton
Assistant Principal Wellbeing

Kylee Fenwick
Business Leader

Tanya Aldous
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Arts

Mel Clark
Pedagogy and Supervisor Support

Chris Congdon
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Design Technology/Arts

Shannon Dobbin
Year Level Manager - Senior Years

Ruby Easthope-Swan
Year Level Manager - Middle Years

Zoe Elliott
Library Manager

Elizabeth Fairey
School Partnership Coordinator Senior Years

Kazuko Glass
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Languages Leader & SACE

Helen Godfrey

Michelle Henshaw
Student Wellbeing Leader

Serena Hirschausen-Vahlis
Student Wellbeing Leader

Kieran Hodgson
Year Level Manager - Senior Years

Nicole Humphries
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Primary

Teresa Montague
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Languages

Gabrielle Mundie
Teaching & Learning Coordinator English

Carla Newbold
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Humanities

Vincent Paul
Student Wellbeing Leader

Ann Ruckert
Teaching & Learning Coordinator Maths

Rae Sinclair
Senior Leader Learning Intervention

Gabriele Turci
Student Wellbeing Leader

Jess Vallelonga
Senior Leader Student Pathways

Caitlin Videon
Student Wellbeing Leader

Jayke Wayne
Teaching & Learning Coordinator HPE/Flexible Subjects

Kenneth Burgoyne
Systems Innovation Leader

Taryn Quensier
Student Services & Business Intelligence Leader

Tyler Gutsche
Finance & Asset Services Manager

Ben Lobban
Learning Systems Manager

Susan Randall
Executive Services Manager

Tracy Lau
Timetable Manager

Matt Shillingford
Learning Technology Manager

Sarah Wigglesworth
Administrative Services Manager

Last updated: 04 May 2023