Leadership Team

Julie Taylor Principal

Leadership Teams at Open Access College are:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Wellbeing
  • School Operations

Jeane Schocroft Deputy Principal

Katie Crombach SOTA Head of Campus

Casey Hall Assistant Principal Primary Years

Veronika Jeske Assistant Principal Middle Years

Paul Hennessy
 Assistant Principal Senior Years

Miriam Parsons
 Assistant Principal Languages

Adam Hodson Senior Leader VET/RTO

Nicole Humphries Teaching & Learning Coordinator Primary

Brett Ferris Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Helen Godfrey Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Sonja Olsen Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Rebecca Ramsey Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Kelly Sharrad Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Robin Sleeman Teaching & Learning Coordinator Secondary

Kazuko Glass Teaching & Learning Coordinator Languages

Teresa Montague Teaching & Learning Coordinator Languages

Sue Johnston Library Manager

Marg Lambert Assistant Principal Student Welfare

Heather Tonkin Student Wellbeing Leader

Dennis Shriner
 Student Wellbeing Leader

Darren Jones Student Wellbeing Leader

Ingred Perry Student Wellbeing Leader

Sarah Saliba Coordinator Learning Needs

Lisa Hannaford Psychologist

Candice Blayney Social Worker

Mic Bradshaw Aboriginal Community Education Officer

Mark Hill 
Business Manager

Kenneth Burgoyne
 Technology and Data Services Manager

Ben Bersten Client Services Manager

John Capurso Learning Technology Services Manager

Danilo Benvenuto Allocation and Timetable Manager

Robyn Hondow
 Communication and Events Manager

Ben Lobban Senior Learning Technology Officer

Susan Randall Executive Assistant

Last updated: 05 August 2019