Enrolment Criteria

Students may be eligible to enrol with Open Access College if they satisfy eligibility criteria. For more detail, please refer to the Enrolment Policy in the sidebar.

  • should not be enrolled at another school
  • should attend the enrolment interview in person (may negotiate an alternative in extenuating circumstances)

Rural and remote students

Students living in areas of Australia that are considered geographically isolated may be able to enrol in Open Access College.

Geographical isolation is determined based on the distance or transport circumstances between the child’s home and the nearest government school, which offers the same year level.

School of the Air (SOTA) Port Augusta campus provides recepton to year 7 for geographically remote students. From 2022, this will become recepton to year 6.

Students unable to access a government school

Students living in South Australia and unable to attend their local school for one of the following reasons:

  • They are travelling within Australia or overseas, or posted overseas (for a period of 1 term or longer). Proof of travel documentation and proof of identity and residency are required.
  • They are undertaking specialised vocational study for example, full-time ballet school.
  • They are 16 years of age or over and have work commitments that prevent enrolment at a secondary school. A letter from the employer detailing work requirements (hours and shifts) is required.
  • They have a medical condition (See section on medical conditions on this page.)

Adult students

Adults aged 18 years to under 21 years wishing to complete their studies. Further eligibility requirements must be met for adult students who have left school for more than 6 months, or who are over 21 years of age (See Enrolment Policy pdf in sidebar).

Interstate students

Are eligible to enrol if they are:

  • Living in NSW in a geographically isolated area in the proximity of Broken Hill, or
  • Living in the Northern Territory and studying at the NT Distance Education School, but the subject they wish to take is not available.

Home education students

Students who have a current exemption from school for home education:

Reception-year 9: May enrol in languages or music

Year 10: May enrol in Personal learning plan only, or a full year 10 load

Year 11-12: May undertake a full year 11 or 12 load including a combination with a school based apprenticeship or VET course

School based students must ask the school to contact Student Services. Students may be eligible in the following categories:

  • Specific subjects not available at enrolled school
  • Family commitments, including but not limited to: caring for a relative, pregnancy, or new parenthood for example.
  • Placement during exclusion from current enrolled school, by negotiation with the school
  • Alternative placements including a behavioural or supported learning strategy
  • Medical condition (See section on medical conditions on this page.)

Students with medical conditions may be either school-based or college-based. Enrolment is considered on an individual basis.

The medical condition may be short or long term and prevent the student attending their enrolled school on a full time basis.

In all cases a health professional must provide a comprehensive medical report.

Where possible, students with physical conditions should be school based, with some subjects studied face-to-face at their enrolled school.

In the case of psychological conditions the following is considered:

  • current and previous enrolled school interventions including documented health support plans
  • local student support service staff involvement and documentation outlining involvement in maintaining face-to-face education.

Last updated: 17 February 2022