Information For Medical Professionals

Students who are unable to attend their face-to-face school for medical reasons may be eligible to enrol with Open Access College.

Open Access College is a Government of South Australia R-12 school, experienced in delivering high quality online classes to students facing challenging medical conditions. These may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Diagnosed autism
  • A physical disability
  • A medical condition requiring ongoing treatment

In some cases switching to online learning can be a positive step and help remove added stress.

Being in a comfortable home environment and not having to compete in a crowded classroom can help students feel more engaged and open to learning.

Patient/client suitability

Enrolment is considered on an individual basis for students with medical conditions, long term or short term, that prevent the student attending their enrolled school on a full-time basis.

For the best outcome to a student’s learning and wellbeing, please consider the following.

Is there daily supervision?

It is a requirement that someone is available to supervise and support the student while at home.

Has the patient established community connections?

We place a great importance on our students having established connections to the community outside of school.

For this reason we are very reluctant to remove a student from their current school if it cuts off an essential social link.

However, if there are community connections in place (through a sporting club, church group, etc), Open Access College can be a good option to continue their studies.

Is there ongoing consulting?

Typically our students enrolled under the medical category are receiving ongoing medical support for their condition, and have a goal of eventually returning to their regular school environment if possible.

The enrolment process

Here is an overview of the enrolment process with your role (as a medical professional) highlighted.

You are welcome to discuss Open Access College with your patient/client if you feel it's an appropriate option to consider.

We can also provide business cards you can give to the family so they can open a discussion at their current school. To have business cards mailed to your office, please contact

From this point the enrolment process is as follows:

To discuss medical enrolments please contact student services

Phone: 08 8309 3500


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Our medical enrolments program provides students with a supportive and encouraging learning environment that helps build confidence.

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Last updated: 21 November 2023