Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Community

Open Access College Aboriginal Education Team

Open Access College is committed to providing online education to Aboriginal Students in South Australia.

The Team

OAC provides an Aboriginal Education Team, consisting of our Deputy Principal, ACEO/ASETO and three Aboriginal Education teachers.

The AET provide support to teachers to ensure Indigenous perspectives are included across our curriculum.

APAS & Support

Also, students can access tutorial support, one on one support, cultural and academic advice.


OAC encourages and supports its Indigenous community with onsite Celebrations including; Celebrating The Apology, Survival Day, The Referendum, Mabo Day, Reconciliation Week, and NAIDOC week.

Marden & SOTA

Both campuses are keen to hear from and work with Indigenous families to instil Aboriginal perspectives, ideas and culture in our teaching.


Helping students and families get started each step of the way. From reception to work or tertiary study, OAC supports educational One plans, wellbeing, access to traineeships and apprenticeships.


OAC and SOTA cover over 30 Aboriginal Nations in their educational footprint.

Many diverse communities are engaged at OAC, creating two way learning and engaging students with communities other than their own.

Significant Dates in 2024

    • 26 January ‐ Survival Day, Day of Mourning, Invasion Day
    • 13 February - Anniversary of National Apology 2008
    • 21 February - International Mother Language Day
    • 21 March - National Close the Gap Day
    • 20 – 26 March - Harmony Week
    • 26 May - National Sorry Day
    • 27 May - Anniversary of the successful 1967 Referendum
    • 27 May - 3 June - National Reconciliation Day
    • 3 June - Mabo Day
    • 1 July - Coming of the Light - Torres Strait Islands
    • 7 - 12 July - National NAIDOC Week
    • 4 August - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day
    • 9 August - International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
    • 7 September - Indigenous Literacy Day
    • 13 September - Anniversary of the United. Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Last updated: 15 April 2024