Student Leadership Council

At Open Access College, students have the opportunity to voice and share information through Student Leaders. Student Leaders meet once a week online with the Student Wellbeing Leaders.

They have the opportunity to:

  • attend training and conferences about leadership
  • get together face to face for planning days
  • organise Student Acquaintance Days, the Tertiary Day and the Formal
  • lead fundraising events
  • participate and have an advisory role in the Awards Ceremony
  • represent students on the OAC Governing Council
  • write articles for the OAC newsletter and other publications where appropriate
  • attend PR events on behalf of the school (eg Governors Reception)
  • create and lead multimedia presentations about OAC student life.

If you are in years 8 – 12 and would like to register your interest as a Student Leader, please contact Client Services.

Last updated: 03 April 2019