Student Support

Student support is provided in a variety of ways including:

  • parent/supervisor
  • teacher/s
  • Student Wellbeing Leaders
  • SSO support for students with specific needs

Students learn best when they have a secure, stable and positive learning environment.

It is an expectation of enrolment that school-age students are provided with support for their learning by a parent or supervisor.

To achieve successful learning, the parent or supervisor can help, motivate and organise students by:

  • supporting students to develop good study habits and to be responsible for their own learning
  • ensuring that students have necessary course materials and equipment
  • checking that students attend lessons and complete work in the allocated time
  • checking that completed assessment and assignment work is posted or uploaded promptly to teacher
  • maintaining close contact with teachers about students’ progress
  • contacting the teachers to inform them of illness or family circumstances that prevent lesson attendance or the return of work on time.

Student Wellbeing Leaders can be contacted via Student Services and provide support by:

  • assisting students select appropriate subjects for a range of pathways
  • assisting students adjust to distance education
  • providing information about available support services, educational grants and financial assistance
  • providing support via the OAC Psychologist, Youth Worker or Aboriginal Community Education Officer
  • promoting communication between teachers, students and families
  • helping with motivation, goal setting, time management and study skills
  • providing information about tertiary entrance and careers
  • supporting student planning for a range of post-school options
  • listening to any concerns and helping provide a range of courses of action.

Support is available through:

  • OAC newsletters
  • parent/supervisor welcome (eg at Induction)
  • parent/supervisor workshops (mainly for years R-9)
  • Student Wellbeing Leaders
  • teachers
  • weekly supervisor support sessions
  • Certificate III in Education Support is a Vocational Education training Program which may be accessed as a means of developing supervisor’s understanding and ability to support the engagement of students in the distance learning process.

In addition SOTA run

  • weekly supervisor support sessions

We also encourage parents/carers to be involved in the decision making process and continual improvement of the College through various committees, including:

  • Open Access College Governing Council and Committees
  • Rural Index Committee
  • Indigenous Parent/Family club
  • Outback Parent and Friends Association (SOTA).

Relationships between teachers and students are critical for improving student learning outcomes. Face-to-face teaching and events may include, but are not limited to:

  • teaching visits to or from students, at their location or at one of our campuses
  • student workshops
  • practicals, seminars, excursions, camps and fieldtrips
  • Come In Days, Year 10 Days and Acquaintance Days
  • Host School Days
  • School Experience Weeks
  • Supervisor and student induction upon request

Students and parents are also most welcome to arrange visits to their teachers on either campus.

College-based Indigenous learners are supported by a range of strategies and Aboriginal Community Education Officers.

Support strategies include:

  • involvement of Indigenous people in learning programs and school decision making
  • development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • relevant flexible curriculum
  • case management of each student
  • literacy and numeracy support
  • tutors
  • mentors
  • transition, career pathway management
  • exit planning
  • Indigenous Parent/Family club

Last updated: 24 February 2020