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Learning Technology Help Desk

The Learning Technology team provides technical support to OAC students and their parents/supervisors to assist them with using our technology and services.

The Help desk is contactable by Email, Telephone, or with the web form at the bottom of this page.

For urgent issues such as accessing a lesson, please call the help desk. For other issues please e-mail or use the web form on this page to contact Learning Technology.

You will find the telephone number and email address on the sidebar on this page under contacts. When sending us an email please make the subject a brief description of the problem, and in the body of the email include as much detail as you can as well as the names and ID numbers of affected students. If you can also please indicate if this relates to any other recent requests.

If you are on campus, please go to the Student Services building to contact a Learning Technology Officer.


    Helpsheets are available to assist you with using our technology.


    Parents and school coordinators

    Google Classroom

    Learning systems that login and interface with Google

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    Last updated: 17 May 2024