Packaged Programs

Open Access College provides a range of personalised programs for students R – 12.

Packaged Programs are negotiated for and accessed by college based students who identify as requiring specialised learning environments. Decisions are made in collaboration with the Student Wellbeing Leader, parents/carers, teachers and students.

Packaged Programs offer personalised and variable approaches with responsive curricula accommodating student learning needs as documented in the One Plan.

Key features of Packaged Programs:

Students work in supportive and collaborative environments with a small team of teachers.

Teachers, students’ and parents/carers work together to develop SMARTAR goals which integrate learning in ways that is relevant, meaningful and accredited

The focus is on developing student capabilities to take action and more specifically in literacy and numeracy.

Students are encouraged to engage in learning within and beyond the classroom sustaining transitions through school to work or other study

    Programs offered:

    Students from R – 10 who are identified as requiring specialised learning environments are managed on a case by case basis with the Student Wellbeing Leader.

    The program is designed for students seeking a personalised and flexible approach to learning. Students enrolled in the Transition Program undertake a two or three year SACE completion that is planned with their Student Wellbeing Leader. Flexibility enables opportunities to transition earlier to other education programs, work or further training.

    Throughout the program students are supported by a small team of teachers to achieve individual learning and work goals.

    The first semester of the program aims to complete units in SACE Literacy and Numeracy and to begin to explore future pathways to support student transition throughout and beyond school.

    In semester two students expand their learning options through other SACE subjects, transition to work programs, vocational pathways and work and community experiences.

    Last updated: 09 September 2021