Stage 2

Offered in 2024

Stage 2 Subjects

Subject Semester Learning Area SACE Code SACE Credits
Creative Arts Full Year Arts 2CVA20 20
Visual Arts Full Year Arts 2VAA20 20
Workplace Practices Full Year Cross Disciplinary 2WPC20 20
Activating Identities and Futures (For Year 11 Students) Semester 2 Cross-Disciplinary 2AIF10 10
Activating Identities and Futures (For Year 12 Students) Semester 1 Cross-Disciplinary 2AIF10 10
Community Studies A Full Year Cross-Disciplinary 2COM20 20
English Full Year English 2ESH20 20
Essential English Full Year English 2ETE20 20
Aboriginal Studies Full Year HASS 2ABG20 20
Accounting Full Year HASS 2ACO20 20
Business Innovation Full Year HASS 2BNV20 20
Economics Full Year HASS 2ENO20 20
Geography - Global Studies Full Year HASS 2GHY20 20
Legal Studies Full Year HASS 2LES20 20
Media Studies Full Year HASS 2MES20 20
Modern History Full Year HASS 2MOD20 20
Society and Culture Full Year HASS 2SOR20 20
Women's Studies Full Year HASS 2WOM20 20
Child Studies Full Year HPE 2CSD20 20
Health and Wellbeing Full Year HPE 2HEW20 20
French Beginners Full year Languages 2FRB20 20
French Continuers Full Year Languages 2FRC20 20
Indonesian Continuers Full Year Languages 2INC20 20
Japanese Beginners Full year Languages 2JAB20 20
Japanese Continuers Full Year Languages 2JAC20 20
Spanish Beginners Full Year Languages 2SPB20 20
Spanish Continuers Full Year Languages 2SPC20 20
Mathematical Methods Full Year Mathematics 2MHS20 20
Mathematics General Full Year Mathematics 2MGM20 20
Specialist Mathematics Full Year Mathematics 2MSC20 20
Biology Full Year Science 2BGY20 20
Chemistry Full Year Science 2CEM20 20
Earth and Environmental Science Full Year Science 2EES20 20
Nutrition Full Year Science 2NTN20 20
Physics Full Year Science 2PYI20 20
Psychology Full Year Science 2PSG20 20
Digital Communication Solutions (Photography & Graphic Design) Full Year Technologies 2DCS20 20
Digital Technology Full year Technologies 2DGT20 20
Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions (Architectural Design & CAD) Full Year Technologies 2IES20 20
Information Processing and Publishing (Digital Business Publications) Full Year Technologies 2IPR20 20
Robotic and Electronic Systems (Mechatronics) Full Year Technologies 2RES20 20

Last updated: 25 October 2023