LevelStage 2
Learning AreaScience
SemesterFull Year
Pre requisitenone required
Additional CostsWorkshop expense
SACE Credits20

Who is this course for?

Students who are interested in up to date information on the role of nutrients in the body as well as social and environmental issues in nutrition.

No background knowledge is assumed. Some basic knowledge of food, nutrition and science is an advantage.

What will I learn

You will:

cover a number of required topics and an option topic.

  • explore the links between food, health, and diet-related diseases.
  • examine factors that influence food choices and reflect on local, national, Indigenous, and global concerns and associated issues.
  • investigate methods of food production and distribution that affect the quantity and quality of food.
  • consider the ways in which these methods and associated technologies influence the health of individuals and communities.
  • anticipate how the study of nutrition assists/may reinforce or modify your own diets and lifestyle habits to maximise your health outcomes.


  • The Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
  • Diet, Lifestyle and Health
  • Food Selection and Dietary Evaluation
  • Food, Nutrition and the Consumer
  • Global Hunger

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning assessed as Stage 2 through the following assessment types:

  • four Skills and Application Tasks - 30%
  • three practical and one issues Investigations Folio - 40%
  • two hour external examination - 30%

Pre requisite

none required


Travel and any associated costs to attend any recommended workshops are the responsibility of the student.

Last updated: 24 July 2018