Year 8

In addition to the core subjects students will also develop specialised skills in:

  • Language (full year): students can choose from French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese or Indonesian
  • The Arts (one semester)
  • Technologies (one semester or full year for Music*)

Within The Arts and Technologies students can choose from the options below.

Students who choose Music choose both semester 1 and semester 2 (these students will be doing an extra elective unit). Music is chosen at either Year 7 or Year 8.

Year 8 Specialist Subjects

Subject Semester Learning Area
Art: Fur, Feathers & Photography (Digital Art) Semester 2 Arts
Art: Mixing it Up (Traditional Art) Semester 1 Arts
Art: Pattern & Art (Digital & Traditional Art) Semester 2 Arts
Music Full year Arts
Chinese Full year Languages
French Full year Languages
Indonesian Full year Languages
Japanese Full year Languages
Spanish Full year Languages
Design & Technology: Design & Construct Machines Semester 1 Technologies
Design & Technology: Food & Fashion Semester 2 Technologies
Digital Technologies Semester 1 or 2 Technologies

Last updated: 09 September 2021