All College-based students enrolling at Open Access College will have an individual face to face interview with a Student Wellbeing Leader at enrolment to assist them in planning for future pathways.

Completion of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) leads to employment and/or tertiary study at university or in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

Please see specific information in the sections below. The SATAC Guide 2022 can be accessed here: SATAC Publications

This short video from the SACE Board introduces the SACE and how it is achieved.

VET courses enable students to gain specific skills and knowledge for work.

There is a wide range of VET courses available through both TAFE and private training providers. VET courses may be completed while undertaking year 11 and 12, gaining credit at Stage 1 or 2 level, or commenced following SACE completion.

TAFE SA is a major provider of VET.

The SACE Board VET Recognition Register lists over 200 of the most common VET courses and the credits applicable for SACE.

The VET sector can be a complex area to navigate, with many possible pathways. There will be major changes from 2022. Remember - your Student Wellbeing Leader is there to assist you with planning!

How do I apply for TAFE?

You apply online. Go to

What do I need for TAFE entry?

TAFE entry varies depending on whether courses are competitive or non-competitive.

Competitive courses have more applicants than places available to offer. Non-competitive courses will accept all applicants who meet the admission requirements.

Course Admission Requirements (CAR) differ according to the level and type of course. Some courses may not need SACE completion and don’t need an ATAR.

Further information can be found in the course descriptions on the TAFE website:

The Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) can meet admission requirements for some courses. It is a tool designed to indicate reading, writing and numeracy/maths skills.

CSPA information:

Because there are so many entry points pathways for TAFE and private provider courses, it is particularly important to talk to your Student Wellbeing Leader about your VET choices.

Completion of SACE and gaining an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) provides one major pathway to university.

The SATAC Tertiary Entrance 2022|2023|2024 booklet provides detailed information about university entry via SACE completion. SATAC Publications can be found here.

There are also alternative pathways to university through completed VET qualifications, and special entry, for adult students eighteen years of age and above via completion of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test: STAT.

How do I apply for uni?

You apply online. Go to

For Semester 1 2022 entry, if you have made an application with at least one course preference by 30 September 2021 you will avoid late fees and can generally adjust and “fine tune” your preferences later. Check "Key Dates" on the inside cover of the SATAC Guide for exceptions.

You can adjust your 6 preferences (add, delete, or change the order) until Wednesday 15 December 2021. This allows Year 12 students to focus on exams and final assignments at a busy time in Term 3 and finalise choices later.

What do I need for uni?

University entry may be achieved through:

• Completing SACE – gaining an ATAR
• Special entry – STAT (18 & over)
• Completed VET qualifications
• Foundation/Enabling Courses & Flinders uniTEST

Some university courses require prerequisite subjects, or have assumed knowledge.

The SATAC Tertiary Entrance Booklet 2022|2023|2024 can be accessed here.

Tertiary Entrance (ATAR and how it is calculated) pages 8-9

SATAC Guide 2022 pages 44-75. Listed on these pages are the courses/programs offered by each institution, their SATAC code, Prerequisites (Stage 2 subject) and Assumed Knowledge.

Am I eligible for additional uni entry points?

Bonus points schemes, as they were previously called, are now referred to as “adjustment factors.” There are two, the Universities Equity Scheme (five points) and the Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Scheme (two or four points). These replace all previous schemes.

Universities Equity Scheme
Open Access College is not a specified school for this scheme. However, students who meet one of the criteria below can apply for individual adjustments. 5 points are added to the aggregate.

Students are eligible where:

  • they or their parents are in receipt of a Centrelink means-tested income support payment
  • they are holders of a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
  • they are the holders of a School Card

You will be provided with instructions on applying for adjustments during your online application.

Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Scheme
Two points are automatically awarded for Stage 2 LOTE, English, English Literary Studies, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Maximum four points, minimum C- grade required.

The maximum adjustment any student can gain is nine, if eligible for both schemes. Adjustments are made to your university aggregate, boosting your ATAR. Your SATAC Tertiary Entrance Statement does not show your adjusted ATAR. Contact the relevant university or SATAC for this information.

Further information: Tertiary Entrance 2022|2023|2024 pages 36-37.

SATAC website:

Am I eligible for adult entry to uni?

The definition of “adult” is 18 years of age. STAT, work and life experience can provide access to university courses. For SA, it applies for students who are 18 years of age or over before 1 February 2022.

Check eligibility on page 19-22 SATAC Guide.

The three most common selection criteria for Special Entry are:

  • Performance in the STAT - Special Tertiary Admissions Test
  • Assessment of a Personal Competencies Statement
  • Evidence of employment experience
    SATAC Guide, page 19.

STAT preparation workshops are useful. Details page 21 SATAC Guide.

What are the alternative, non ATAR pathways to uni?

Students with completed VET qualifications can use these for entry. Eligibility varies – see pages 17 & 19 SATAC Guide 2022 for details.

Each university offers foundation courses. Check their websites for details.

Flinders also has uniTEST: to us if you are interested. uniTEST is offered at Open Access College.

For 2022 entry, Year 11 SACE results are also being considered for entry to university:

Adelaide University:

Flinders University:

SATAC (for applications)

Charles Darwin University

Central Queensland University

Flinders University



The University of Adelaide

Torrens University

University of South Australia


Last updated: 17 August 2021