Visual Arts

LevelStage 2
Learning AreaArts
SemesterFull Year
Pre-requisiteNone required - Stage 1 Visual Art recommended
Additional CostsA basic art kit is supplied, however, students are expected to purchase further materials for art and design to enable them to produce practical works of a quality standard.
SACE Credits20

Who is this course for?

In Stage 2 Visual Arts students work independently on the development of individual artworks or design products. Students are expected to work as a 'practising artist/designer' who negotiates both practical and research based assignments. To be successful, Visual Art at Stage 2 requires sound drawing, literacy and communication skills.

Students will be required to undertake significant practical experimentation, research, analysis and written components. Students must be willing to spend at least four hours per week on Visual Art outside of lesson time.

What will I learn?

In Visual Art, you may follow an Art or Design path.

You will have the opportunity to express ideas through practical work using drawings, sketches, diagrams, models, prototypes, photographs and audio visual techniques leading to resolved art works and design products.

You will undertake research and have opportunities to understand and reflect upon visual artworks and design products in their cultural and historical contexts. You will have the opportunity to create resolved works which may include:


Video, installation, assemblage, digital imaging, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, photography, fabrication (wood, plastic, or metal), sculpture, ceramics, and textiles (materials for art are at the student's discretion).


  • Product design: e.g. toy, fashion, furniture
  • Graphic and visual communication design: e.g. branding, illustration, and advertising

How will I be assessed?

Assessment Type 1: Folio 40%

Students produce two folios, one for each practical that documents preliminary ideas, experimentation, critical analysis and research of other artists to support their practicals.

Assessment Type 2: Practical 30%

Students complete two artworks that are each accompanied by 'Practitioner Statements'.

Assesment Type 3: Visual Study - Externally accessed 30%

Students complete one Visual Study based on an art movement. They undertake research, exploration, experimentation and critical analysis to inform their practice.


None required - Stage 1 Visual Art recommended



Last updated: 02 August 2021