Open Access College Student Story - Middle years student

Student referred to OAC by a country school on medical grounds.

• Student placed into Personalised Learning Program after a 10 week


• ASD, Social anxiety and self-doubt

• Attendance and engagement issues emerged

PAT indicated that student was functioning above age level, however reticence to engage with Personalised Learning Program continued.

Home visits from teachers and a Student Wellbeing Leader resulted in a diverse range of strategies being implemented which were marginally successful. Attendance, engagement and work return remained erratic.

In 2018 “J” was transitioned into Central Studies from the Personalised Learning Program. Attendance and engagement did not improve and the parent became more frustrated and difficult to contact. The student Wellbeing Leader worked to make contact and with the support of OAC Social Worker planned a home visit for early in term 2.

The home visit was attended by the Social Worker and Assistant Principal, Alternative Programs to reach an agreed solution in accordance with OAC policy and process. The Social Worker and Assistant Principal collaborated during the home visit to elicit a better understanding of the situation. The Social Worker spent time with the family while the Assistant Principal spent time talking to “J” about his hopes and aspirations around education. “J” made it quite clear if things continued as they were he would not be attending lessons.

Moving forward, negotiated project based learning that focused on the Creative Industries and a continuation of QuickSmart Numeracy.

“I spoke to “J's” mother on 23/7 and she said she was extremely happy with progress in his current program, and that he's never talked so much in class, ‘he's like a different child’.

“J” has become a more confident and positive role model in the class and amongst his peers which has also flowed into his commitment
and willingness to complete all tasks. His natural communication skills and willingness to have fun while learning has greatly benefitted other students in the class.

“For the short time I’ve been teaching “J”, it’s been wonderful to see him develop his learning and at the same build resilience to better regulate emotions when faced with challenges in his learning.”

“J” has attended regularly and engaged positively for a term. Follow up by “J’s” teacher, Social Worker and Assistant Principal continues to ensure support is available.

Strategies used include listening and responding to student voice, belief in the student and being there to help talk through situations, assist with options for decision making and encouraging continuation with education by finding ways forward together. A mother and student who felt helpless have greater confidence and hope. Attendance and engagement have improved from 24% to 96% in the learning program and 100% in Quick Smart numeracy.

Last updated: 04 August 2020