Open Access College Student Story - Primary years student – a story of long term success

“L” enrolled at OAC in June 2012 as a year 4 student, with siblings in year 1 and year 5. He was a referral from Disability Coordinator and StudentAttendance Officer working with the family in a country area. There was a history of broken school attendance, family domestic violence and trauma. The father was recently released from jail and the family becamea part of Witness Protection program moving to a country isolated area.

His start at OAC had “L” enrolled in a year 5 mainstream class working at year 1 standard. With support from the class teacher and additional reading support, he was attending and attempting some work.

Teachers and the Primary SWL conducted home visits, and OAC supplied computers. The Primary SWL continued to work with the family and teachers to support the students learning. Over the next 2 years attendance improved and the siblings were moved into face to face schooling through joint efforts with Support Services.

“L” spent increasing time living with his aunt who supported his learning more consistently. She became the first point of contact with the parent’s consent and “L” continued to make progress in his learning. Parents always attended OAC Come In Days and events with student.

Currently there are still concerns around the lack of social engagement for “L” but fast forward to 2018 and academically he has achieved in Year 10 Term 1, 2 A’s, 2 B’s 3 C’s and 1 D. For a student with a learning disability and from a traumatic background, the consistency of OAC, the input of teachers over the years and the partnership with his aunt has given “L” an opportunity to show his capabilities and have options for the future.

Last updated: 04 August 2020