Economics and Business

Learning AreaHumanities and Social Sciences
SemesterSemester 2
Additional CostsNone

Who is this course for?

This course is for students who are interested in how we manage money and resources as a society, as well as Australia's place in global trade and the world economy.

What will I learn?

You will learn about the systems we use to allocate resources in society, and how these resources are produced. You will learn about investment, banking and asset valuation also.

· What is ‘the economic problem’?

· What are the primary inputs to production?

· Why do countries choose to trade rather than produce resources themselves?

· What are Australia’s major import and export products?

· How do we calculate an individual’s net worth?

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be based on achievement standards and will consider:

· your knowledge of the content

· your ability to explain concepts and express opinions

· your analytical and numeracy skills

· your ability to apply knowledge and skills to reach an understanding of a problem

Last updated: 15 September 2021