2018 Language Perfect World Championships

Language Perfect

Every year, many of our languages students participate enthusiastically in the Language Perfect World Championships.

Language Perfect is a website that we use to supplement students’ learning using a variety of interactive quizzes and learning modules. The Championships are held for two weeks every year and are completely optional, but many students like to join in to accelerate their language learning. It really makes a difference to their vocabulary retention and confidence!

This year, the Championships were held from 21st to 31st May. During that time, our students spent a total of 95 hours practicing in Language Perfect, in addition to their regular program. This is a fantastic effort.

As a result of all that hard work, we came 10th overall in the state for Japanese (おめでとう!), 18th in the state for French (félicitations), and 26th in South Australia over all language areas.

Well done Open Access College Languages students!

Here are the individual recipients of Certificate Awards for 2018:


Lucy (Year 10) - Japanese

Raine (Year 7) - Japanese

Keegan (Year 11) - Japanese

James (Year 5) - Japanese

Destynii (Year 11) - Japanese


Shakirah (Year 7) - Japanese

Ashahnti (Year 8) - Japanese

Jessica (Year 5) - Japanese


Tyson (Year 5) - Japanese

Brianna (Year 6) - Japanese


Max (Year 6) - Japanese

Last updated: 23 July 2018