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Mobile Phone Separation Anxiety

The Department for Education's recent policy update to ban mobile phones in all public high schools has likely caught your attention. While implementing bans can be challenging, they promote better focus on teaching and learning, reducing distractions and interruptions. The policy extends to Open Access College students as well, with exceptions only for situations where teachers specifically require mobile phone use for learning or emergency contact. During lesson times and on-site activities, the expectation is for mobile phones to be switched off and kept away.

Research suggests that the presence of mobile phones in learning environments has a considerably negative impact on student learning, potentially setting them back by as much as half a year's progress. To minimize the impact of bans on children's mental health, parents and caregivers should engage in open discussions, stay informed, and collaborate with educators on effective strategies. If you or your young one are finding it difficult to put away your phone during lessons, there is a helpful video available with strategies to address this challenge.

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Last updated: 03 August 2023