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At Open Access College, we acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of our students.

Each year we publish the “Student Achievers” booklet, featuring the stories of some of our high-achieving students, who come from a variety of circumstances.

The current booklet contains the accounts of nine successful students in 2017, and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Here is Kayla's story...

My name is Kayla

I’m eighteen years old and currently living with my family in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. I recently graduated year 12 at Southern Vales Christian College.

A few ways I love to spend my time include reading, learning new languages and gardening.

My experience at OAC

What prompted me to join OAC was my growing interest in Japanese Studies – a subject which was unavailable at my own school. With tremendous convenience and flexibility, OAC enabled me to pursue my interests in this topic and commence Japanese alongside my other studies at Southern Vales, in the latter half of 2014.

I continued with Japanese Studies all throughout my secondary education and had the immense pleasure of being taught by a wonderful teacher whose lessons were consistently engaging and accommodating.

I was making much better progress with Open Access College than the year or so that I tackled Japanese on my own. When it came to year 12, I found the ability to adapt OAC around studies at Southern Vales particularly useful. This malleability, I believe, is largely responsible for my success during my senior year.

And now

Achieving an ATAR of 98.80, I am now moving on to completing a Bachelor of Arts for High Achievers at Flinders University where I will study English, French and Applied Linguistics. I am still unsure where this will take me but I am looking forward to the opportunities it may bring.

If it hadn’t been for OAC, I would have never been able to follow my passion for foreign languages and, quite likely, become the person I am today.

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