Student Film Review – Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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Reviewed by Luke.R

Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus is a PG rated, dark comedy, Sci-Fi, animated film targeted towards an older audience. Written by Jhonen Vasquez and produced by Nickelodeon, Enter The Florpus is exclusive to Netflix.

Enter The Florpus serves as a finale to the 2001 animated series “Invader Zim”. After years of absence, Irkin Invader, Zim (voiced by Richard Horvitz) and GIR (Rosearik Simons) return and soon discover that his almighty leaders, “The Tallest” (Wally Wingert and Kevin McDonald), have no intent of invading Earth. After learning this information, Zim becomes distraught and depressed for the first time in his life, giving his human nemesis, Dib (Andy Berman), the opportunity he’s waited so long for, and Zim his big break.

Enter The Florpus’s runtime is 1hr 11min. Enter The Florpus is a fun, nostalgic joyride that pulls no punches, but suffers from a change of atmosphere. The story is a fast, funny and dark, action filled adventure that culminates with a pleasing ending to the cult classic series. But, due to a more lighthearted feel, dark jokes feel like a rarity and certain characters like Gaz (Melissa Fahn) are more toned down.

Nonetheless, Enter The Florpus is a well written, nostalgia filled, extraordinary ending to the series, which is made even better with its exceptional animation. Enter the Florpus’s animation is colourful, smooth and as bold as ever. Filled to the brim with a sharp, gloomy and vibrant personality, it is no different from its original series.

Along with the return of all the original voice-actors and a phenomenal soundtrack, Enter The Florpus is the perfect ending to the masterpiece that was Invader Zim.

RATING: 8.5/10

Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus is a dark, funny and bold finale to Zim and Dib’s twisted heartwarming story. Although having a more toned-down feel compared to the original series, Enter The Florpus makes up for it with remarkable writing and phenomenal animation, giving this classic series the amazing ending it deserves.

Last updated: 05 September 2019