Student Work Spotlight

Stage 1 Digital Communication Solutions (Photography)

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight one of our talented Year 11 students from Open Access College. With a passion for wildlife photography, Bethany has been capturing awe-inspiring images as part of her coursework in Stage 1 Digital Communication Solutions (Photography).

Bethany's keen eye and dedication to her craft are evident in the stunning images she has produced for a wildlife calendar project. Through her coursework, she has been honing her skills in angles, focal point, filling the frame, rule of thirds, lighting, and composition. Her photographs showcases clarity, crispness and texture. Each image tells a captivating story, transporting us into the world of wildlife.

When asked about her journey in photography, Bethany shares, "I've taken an interest in photography for a couple of years now. Studying Digital Communication Solutions (Photography) has provided me with the opportunity to learn and create new pieces such as these."

Beth Schmidt – Teacher

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Last updated: 06 June 2023