Wellbeing Week 2024 Highlights

Wellbeing Intranet

During the final week of Term 1, our campus buzzed with a vibrant assortment of activities tailored for students, parents/carers, and staff, all designed to enhance our collective wellbeing. Across the week, participants engaged in a wide array of workshops and events aimed at celebrating our community's vitality and fostering meaningful connections.

A few of the workshops we had on offer included:

  • The AIE Game Design team, who taught our senior students to program and code games.
  • A traditional Japanese Tea ceremony, hosted by our amazing Japanese language teachers Mio and Kazuko.
  • An Australian Native Foods and Indigenous bush tucker session, that explored the potential of our Indigenous garden can serve the community as a place of nourishment and learning for years to come.
  • Animals Anonymous with Farmer Darcy, as she introduced us to stunning Australian wildlife.
  • Crafty Creations, a workshop full of arts and craft for all ages.

The success of this week was made possible by the collective endeavors of the Student Wellbeing Team, Ancillary Team, Student Services Team, SSOs, and subject teachers. We express our gratitude to all participants and everyone involved in orchestrating and ensuring the triumph of this event.

We're already eagerly anticipating our next Wellbeing Week event, where we'll persist in nurturing wellness and positivity throughout our community!

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Last updated: 13 May 2024