Enrolment Criteria

Check the following criteria to confirm eligibility

  • should not be enrolled at another school
  • should attend the enrolment interview in person (may negotiate an alternative in extenuating circumstances)

Geographically remote students

The distance from home to the nearest school or transport route should be:

  • Reception - Yr 2: more than 1½ km
  • Yr 3 and Yr 4: more than 3 km
  • Yr 5 and above: more than 5 km

Isolated Students

Unable to attend their local school due to:

  • Travel a resident travelling within Australia or overseas for one term or longer - travel documentation, proof of identity and residency required.
  • Family commitments eg young mothers, carers.
  • Work commitments work commitments documentation required.
  • Specialised vocational study eg elite sportsmen and women - Government accredited vocational institution documentation required
  • Home schooling Department for Education approved home schoolers may enrol:
    • R-10 - Language programme only
    • 7-10 - Music programme only
    • Year 10 - PLP only or a full Year 10 load in preparation for SACE studies
    • Years 11 & 12 - all senior secondary subjects
  • Adult students 21 and over yet to complete their SACE - require to commit to a SACE Pathways Plan

School based students must ask the school to contact Student Services.

Curriculum Choice

  • subjects not available at the school
  • schools must counsel the students then complete and submit the Curriculum Choice Form.

Negotiated Medical

  • medical condition prevents attendance at their face-to-face school
  • supported with a Medical Assessment Plan and Health Support Plan from the student’s school
  • approval is made on a short-term basis and medical plans reviewed regularly
  • Student’s Home School to contact Student Services to negotiate with the relevant Student Wellbeing Leader

Negotiated Exclusion/Alternative placement

  • managed through an Interagency Referral

Last updated: 24 February 2020