Happy Holidays Art Competition

Happy holidays art competition

Thank you to everyone who has entered the competition! We have entries from all year levels, and staff are currently voting! We will be announcing winners in Week 6.

Open Access College is holding an art competition! Create a piece of art about the holidays, win a prize and have your art published on our website!

Competition details

Theme: Create an artwork about the holidays. For example, you could choose to represent Christmas, New Years Eve, Hanukkah, or any other holiday that is important to you. It could even be about what you like to do in your school holidays. Think about what makes your holidays happy. Be creative!

Eligibility and entry categories: All Open Access College students are eligible to enter! Artworks will be judged in a Primary, Middle Years or Senior Years category.

Medium: It can be any medium you like, for example painting, drawing, photography, collage, digital, mixed media or sculpture.

Prizes: There will be two gift cards awarded per entry category, six in total.

Judging: Artworks will be judged by OAC staff on creativity and skill level within your entry category.

Publishing: Winning artworks will be published on the college website and our Facebook page. The artworks will also be made into greeting cards for the college.

Competition Closes: 6 November 2020

Submitting your artwork

Submit a high resolution file (scan or photograph if it is a physical artwork).

Along with your artwork file, please include:

  • Your Name
  • Your OAC Student ID Number
  • The medium and title of the artwork
  • A media consent form giving us permission to publish your artwork on our website

You can submit your artwork to your class teacher or to our Communication and Events team:

Robyn Allen:

Geoff Williams:

Good Luck!

Last updated: 12 November 2020