2021 Materials & Services Poll Outcome

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Following the two week discussion and polling period from October 30th to November 13th last year, the following results were confirmed and accepted by Governing Council on November 25th 2020:

  • School of the Air (SOTA) Reception to Year 7, Proposed Charge of $420.00
    • Poll Result: 84% Yes, 16% No
  • Open Access (Marden) Reception to Year 6, Proposed Charge of $620.00
    • Poll Result: 75% Yes, 25% No
  • Open Access (Marden) Year 7 to Year 12, Proposed Charge of $700.00:
    • Poll Result: 60% Yes, 40% No

Following the outcome of each of the three polls and as per the Education and Children’s Services Act 2019, the legally recoverable charge for Materials & Services Fees in 2021 will be set as proposed above.

For formal fee notices and payment options, please visit the Fees & Payments area of our website.

Last updated: 19 January 2021