2021 PAT Testing


As part of DfE policy, all year 3-10 students are required to complete diagnostic assessments called Progressive Achievement Tests. These assessments give valuable information to teaching staff about your child’s current learning needs and enables them to better plan learning programs as they progress through the levels of schooling. The diagnostic assessments are conducted to measure student’s growth throughout the year.

Students will complete Reading and Numeracy assessments during week 8 and 9 of term 3. Teachers will schedule the tests through the week as part of their regular lesson planning. The test is done online.

During your child’s normal lesson time, teachers will support students to understand, prepare for and start the assessment.

Please ensure your child does the assessments on their own as this helps with planning and targeting the learning for each student.

Students are encouraged to take part in Wellbeing Week at the college. Any PAT tests that clash with activities will be given the opportunity to be reschedule for week 10.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or any of the contacts listed below.

Casey Hall Assistant Principal- Primary

Veronika Jeske Assistant Principal- Secondary

Jeane Schocroft Deputy Principal

Last updated: 26 August 2021