Adelaide International Youth Film Festival Excursion

Chelsea Rani Brett Erin And Rachael

On Friday 24th August, Year 11 and 12 Media Studies students attended the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival (AIYFF) at Hoyts Norwood.

The AIYFF ran from August 22-25, with a range of international feature and short films for young audiences shown. The films on offer ranged from those for primary school aged audiences through to senior secondary. Our students watched Beyond the Summit, a Russian movie about a promising skier overcoming massive adversity to realise his Olympic dream.

At the festival, students also participated in demonstrations of virtual reality and green screen technology (pictured below), while one of us (Brett, in above picture) decided to explore the media make-up demonstration-it looked like I got into a scrap with a pirate!

Our students also watched a range of international short films, including those made for the festival by students in SA schools, and participated in a panel-type discussion of the movies.

The AIYFF was a terrific event and provides a wonderful opportunity for students studying media and languages. We plan to offer the chance for students to attend next year.

Brett Ferris, Media Studies Teacher

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Last updated: 07 September 2018