Apply for a scholarship to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, USA


There is an excellent opportunity for young Australians aged 15-18 to apply to receive a scholarship for the 2023 Endeavour Scholarship Mission Team # 10 - TEAM AUSTRALIA at Space Camp in Alabama, USA.

Here they will experience hands-on astronaut training alongside students from around the world. To apply, Australian secondary students must create a three-minute video and one page summary that addresses the following challenge:

“Commercial space travel and colonisation are the future. It is the year 2050. You must ensure that 35 people sustain life on a three-year journey to Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Create a system to address one of the following conditions for the crew: water/food, life support, propulsion, or solar radiation. Be practical, creative, and have fun!”

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Last updated: 20 February 2023