Autism Program Virtual Reality Experience


Our learning experience at Virtual Reality Adelaide went really well.

After an introduction via the ‘Walk the plank’ program (which is not for those with a fear of heights) the students were able to try out the various programs, of which there were 30 to choose from.

The workplace simulator, driving simulator, Google Earth and Fruit Ninja amongst others seemed to be favourites. All students interacted well with each other, staff and avatars in the games. They gave very positive feedback afterwards.

Here's some of our favourite comments:

‘Loved it! Best experience ever!’

‘Job simulator – Lots of different jobs you can have a go of. I chose the Mechanic, had a really good time, there was a robot person I could talk to. It was good fun!’

‘Really cool, loved the classic games too.
Really liked all the games – liked the racing game the seat moved.’

‘Oh this is so scary!’ as they did the Walk the Plank

‘It was really good, great place – Told dad – he said he will book us in during the holidays. Had to problem solve to work out some of the games.
Thought we were just going to learn about VR was so excited when I found out we were going to play.’

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Last updated: 11 December 2019