Brooke discovers the "endless possibilities" of art

Mothernature brooke

Independently in Stage 2 Creative Arts, Brooke has been able to further develop her skills in Digital Art/Drawing. Brooke creates characters that are inspired by her favorite cartoon/character culture, but are her own whimsical and powerful characters with a twist!

Brooke creates a range of characters that sometimes take days and weeks to create, using existing and developing skills in Clip Studio Paint Pro and Adobe Photoshop CC. The characters start with a digital base sketch, and then are coloured, toned, textured and modelled using the functionality of these programs, and Brooke’s creative flair. The images featured in this article are only a snapshot of Brooke’s wide range of black and white, and coloured character design/creation.

Quote from Brooke about her characters featured, what skills she was able to develop and how the experience has been in Creative Arts:

"Art is a skill that never stops developing. You’re always learning and discovering new things. There is no finish line. Being in Stage 2 Creative Arts has not only taught me new skills and techniques, but has also increased my confidence and self-esteem. When I look at my latest work, I feel proud, thanks to my teacher. If you’re looking to freely explore the endless possibilities of art, Creative Arts is the right place for you."

Beth Schmidt

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Last updated: 04 August 2020