Children’s University Graduation

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On Thursday November 8th students, parents and staff from OAC attended the 2018 Graduation Ceremony at Adelaide University.

Each year students aged 5-15 are invited to join the Children’s University Program through Open Access College and undertake, in their own time, additional learning activities in the community that interest them. Many community activities are a part of the program and students complete tasks, visits, etc to get their University Passport stamped for the hours they attend. Over the year, they accumulate hours and then attend the graduation ceremony to receive their certificates. The Ceremony is a formal event where the students dress in gowns and hats and receive their certificates.

This year OAC had the following Graduates at the ceremony;

National Bronze Silver Award for 65 hours

Abraham P

Jethro P

Mercy P

National Gold award for 100 Hours

Mitchell S

National Gold Diploma for 300 hours

Harley K

Two other students completed awards but could not attend the ceremony to accept them on the night;

Brianna B got a National Silver Award 65 hours and Henry A got a National Bronze Award 30 hours.

Congratulations to all our graduating students and thanks to their proud parents for supporting them throughout the year. A Special Thanks to Lynn – Chair of the Governing Council, for her support throughout the year and for reading the names of our graduates at the Ceremony.

Heather Tonkin, Primary Student Wellbeing Leader

Last updated: 19 December 2018