Claire aspires to support communities of Vanuatu

Claire group

Photo - Claire, left, with close friends in Aelan Dress for Port Vila International Independence Celebrations

As part of our work with Port Vila International School (PVIS), Open Access College has been sponsoring local students to complete high school. Thank you to Claire who has written this letter:

Hello, my name is Claire, and I am one of the fortunate individuals who has been able to attend Port Vila International School under a scholarship through the Open Access Sponsorship.

I am sincerely grateful that you have been able to provide for me three years of education at such a high standard school in Vanuatu. I have attended PVIS under your sponsorship since 2020, and I am currently in year 11. Compared to my previous school in Vanuatu, PVIS is a more diverse and extremely close-knit community where students come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I find this as a wonderful trait in the school because it allows me to work and interact with people from different places and learn more about them and their culture, considering that I live in such an isolated place in the world.

I am fortunate enough that I can still attend school and interact with others despite the world being in a pandemic. PVIS allows us to still have a ‘normal’ school life and I am fortunate enough that I can take advantage of the subjects they offer here. I have taken an interest in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math Methods, General English and Research Project, and I have been doing well in them so far this year. PVIS has provided me with many opportunities to learn, communicate with others and develop new skills in which I am able to apply in my future career. My future aspirations involve studying Bio-medicine, environmental science or humanitarian aid in which I can use to help communities in Vanuatu. I really want to be of benefit to Vanuatu in any way possible, and I believe by attending PVIS and being open minded, I can achieve that.

With your generous help, I am able to attend an amazing school and aspire me to help my community.

(Above) Claire studying at PVIS

(Above) Smart Sisters Group, 2018

Last updated: 01 September 2021