Cultural Experience

Cultural Experience

College teacher provides students with Japanese insight

Reproduced with permission from The Border Watch and Penola Pennant

Students at Penola Primary School immersed themselves in Japanese culture with the help of Adelaide Open Access College teacher Rayna Pryce.

Ms Pryce was one of two teachers who visited the school with lessons focussed on the festive Christmas holiday and how it is celebrated in Japan.

“I learnt that in Japan they do not get a public holiday and they still have to go to school,” student Charlize said.

During the lesson, colourful patterned cloths were used to practice Furoshiki, meaning “the art of wrapping”.

“We also focus on the importance of respecting resources and reducing their waste impact during lessons,” Ms Pryce said.

Students are taught once a week via video link from Open Access, with teachers visiting the school once each term.

“The face to face visits are important as it is beneficial to participate in hands-on activities,” Ms Pryce said.

Penola Primary School principal Paul said the visits from the Adelaide college were fantastic as they provided a personal connection with students.

“It is great to have this program as the children can broaden their cultural knowledge and learn a different language,” the Principal said.

Pictured: Rayna Pryce with Penola Primary School students

Last updated: 13 September 2018