Emma's multi-layer mastery of Photoshop

Emma Resource Study

Independently in Stage 2 Digital Communication Solutions, Emma has been able to further develop her skills in Photography and Graphic Design. Emma creates artworks that are inspired by colour, texture, shapes and personal interests, and are her own well designed images that are unique.

Emma creates a range of designs that sometimes take days and weeks to create, using existing and developing skills Adobe Photoshop CC. The images start with a base image, and then are coloured, toned, textured and end up with multiple layers and an amalgamation of different advanced Photoshop techniques. The images featured in this article are only a snapshot of Emma’s Photography and Graphic Design Portfolio.

Quote from Emma about her images featured, what skills she was able to develop and how the experience has been in Digital Communication Solutions

‘In Digital Communication Solutions I have been able to develop new skills and knowledge about my photography and graphic design to express creativity and apply them to my projects with improved, professional techniques. The images featured show not only my own photography but how I have further edited them with sourced images, applying the new skills and techniques to transform my project. To me it is all about experimentation, not every idea may work how you originally thought, which is okay and part of design. Experimenting opens the door to new ideas and techniques that might have potential of working even better than the first idea.’ – Emma.

Beth Schmidt

Last updated: 10 September 2020