Great Work from Food and Photography students

Food and photography banner

Students in the elective subject Food and Photography have been designing Magazine Covers and Centre Page Spreads for their own Food themed Magazines.

Students have been learning about photography techniques such as various types of camera angles, rule of thirds, natural and artificial lighting, and compositional techniques.

They have also been learning all about Photoshop and how to create layers, working with space, colour matching, text, font, symmetry, asymmetry and layer modes.

The class took their own images of prepared meals or arranged ingredients, to create eye catching and appealing Magazine covers.

The images you can see in this article are designed by Brayden and Tessa, and are quite captivating, well planned and executed.

Next in our class we will be looking at sustainability and educating people about food waste, using digital communication solutions.

- Beth Schmidt

Below: Work from Tessa

Food and Photography - Tessa

Below: Work from Brayden

Food and Photography - Brayden

Last updated: 03 June 2022