Induction Sessions (Marden Campus)

Student Induction

Students are welcomed into the Open Access College learning community. In your 2 hour induction session, you will:

  • Meet your teachers
  • Meet your classmates
  • Understand what it takes to be a successful online learner.

Parents are welcomed to the Open Access College learning community. You will:

  • Meet the teachers
  • Meet other parents
  • Understand your important support role for Open Access College learners.


Primary years (R-6): Friday 3 February 10am - 12pm

Middle years (7-9) or TLC Program: Thursday 2 February 1pm - 3pm

Year 10: Wednesday 1 February 1pm - 3pm

Senior years (SACE):

  • Thursday 2 February 10am - 12pm OR
  • Friday 3 February 1pm - 3pm

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Last updated: 06 February 2023