Language Partnership Program in Japan

Last year, two LPP (Language Partnership Program) schools (Gumeracha Primary and Oakbank Area School) had online collaborative lessons with students in Ina-Minami Primary School which is in Saitama Prefecture not far from Tokyo.

This Japanese primary school was featured in a local newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, and we received the article from the Principal recently. It mentioned the online collaborative lesson (see below, outlined in red), saying "Ina-Minami Primary School has an innovative approach to education. Hence, they collaborated with Australian school students online".

The schools exchanged class lists in advance so that the students could identify each other in one-on-one conversations by using their names. The first half of the lesson was conducted in Japanese and the last half in English.

The Vice Principal, Ms Yamamoto, said with a big smile "Some students enthusiastically asked their teachers how to use English. They were really motivated to communicate and be understood which was the main factor in this project".

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Last updated: 28 March 2018