Languages Come In Day Wrap Up - By Adrian

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Adrian was one of our dedicated students who traveled three hours to attend our recent Languages Come In Day. He was kind enough to write an article discussing his experience from the day.

By Adrian

On Friday the 19th of March I was fortunate enough to attend Open Access’ ‘Come-In Day’. It was great to finally physically meet my teacher. There were four languages displayed on the day Japanese, French, Spanish and Indonesian. Each had different cultures and traditions to share. It was very surprising to see that the vast majority of the students attending were learning Japanese, there was one student learning Indonesian and Spanish, three for French. Each teacher for the subjects had different activities to do.

My favourite was a team-quiz, consisting of questions relating to the languages taught at Open Access and some were general pop questions and interesting facts. The quiz got me really fired-up and my inner competitiveness had set loose, it was a tie breaker at the end but my group lost. There was session of Q & A with the senior students answering questions such as; why’d you choose to study this subject, what’s the most difficult topic to learn, where and when have you used the linguistic skills you have learnt in an everyday basis and would you continue studying it.

Also, they gave many helpful and informative advices with studying a different language at Open Access. After lunch we were separated into our languages. Then we did some fun little French activities, to end the session off we played a game of “La Pétanque” which I had won to make up for the lost in the quiz. The day was well-spent and all the travelling was worth it and I would love to come again. The day opened my eyes of how amazing and how lucky we are to have culturally, traditionally and linguistically diverse communities. It gives us a whole new perspective of how we look at our planet and its people.

Last updated: 08 April 2021