Legal Studies Mock Trial

Mock Trial

On the 20th of March 2018, a group of students from various Legal Studies classes combined and represented Open Access College in a Mock Trial. It was held at Torrens Valley Christian School and it overall was a fun night. We portrayed the defense where Torrens Valley was the prosecution.

The arguments from both sides were as strong as the other. Both parties presented accurate and excellent arguments all night. Sadly, despite our endeavours for us it ended with a loss. Although we did not leave with a win we still came out of there with an experience to remember. There was a lot of research and extra work that was undertaken in preparation for this event, and without the help of Mrs Bernadette Flaherty, Mr Ben Richardson and our mentor Glen we would not have been able to perform the way we did.


I found the mock trial amazing, such an awesome opportunity for people who've never seen each other to work together and cooperate.


This was a great experience, as it allowed insight into the preparation of a case, having a judge to adjudicate was very helpful. His feedback was constructive. It was a good opportunity to put faces to voices and to work in a team after hours (6pm on several occasions) in WebEx.


Round 2 of the Mock Trial competition will be on Tuesday May 15th at the District Court. We look forward to preparing and presenting the next case.

Bernadette Flaherty

Last updated: 02 May 2018